Tuesday, June 30, 2009

StarUML - The Open Source UML/MDA Platform

StarUML - The Open Source UML/MDA Platform
StarUML is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platform running on Win32 platform. The goal of the StarUML project is to build a software modeling tool and also platform that is a compelling replacement of commercial UML tools such as Rational Rose, Together and so on.
  • UML 2.0 : UML is continuously expanding standard managed by OMG(Object Management Group). Recently, UML 2.0 is released and StarUML support UML 2.0 and will support lastest UML standard.
  • MDA (Model Driven Architecture) : MDA is a new technology introduced by OMG. To get advantages of MDA, software modeling tool should support many customization variables. StarUML is designed to support MDA and provides many customization variables like as UML profile, Approach, Model Framework, NX(notation extension), MDA code and document template and so on. They will help you fitting tool into your organizational cultures, processes, and projects.
  • Plug-in Architecture : Many users require more and more functionalities to software modeling tools. To meet the requirements, the tool must have well-defined plug-in platform. StarUML provides simple and powerful plug-in architecture so anyone can develop plug-in modules in COM-compatible languages (C++, Delphi, C#, VB, ...)
  • Usability : Usability is most important issue in software development. StarUML is implemented to provide many user-friend features such as Quick dialog, Keyboard manipulation, Diagram overview, etc.

StarUML is mostly written in Delphi. However, StarUML is multi-lingual project and not tied to specific programming language, so any programming languages can be used to develop StarUML. (for example, C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, JScript, VBScript, C#, VB.NET, ...)

Go to StarUML download page

Jcreator - Java IDE Tools


JCreator is a powerful interactive development environment (IDE) for Java technologies that provides more power at your fingertips than all the ordinary editors. What makes JCreator a cut above the rest? Just look at what JCreator can do for you:
  • Manage projects with ease in an interface that is much like Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Define your own color schemes in XML for unlimited ways to organize your code.
  • Use JCreator to wrap around your existing projects and use different JDK profiles.
  • Get down to writing code quickly with our project templates.
  • Make viewing your project a breeze with our class browser.
  • Debug with an easy, intuitive interface. No need for silly DOS prompts!
  • Walk through our wizards and cut to the chase of writing your project quickly and easily.
  • Manage and exchange your code with our Ant and CVS integration.
  • Save valuable time on Classpath configuration; let JCreator do it for you.
  • Customize our user interface the way that you like it.
  • Set up your own run-time environments to run your application as an applet, in a JUnit environment, or in a DOS window.
  • Experience the satisfaction of faster speed, yet lower system requirements than with other IDEs.
Click here to go to Jcreator download page

Monday, June 15, 2009

Frets on Fire

Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.

* Unique inverted keyboard gameplay style
* Support for guitar controllers and generic joysticks
* Includes a song editor for making your own tunes
* Compete with others on the World Charts
* Hundreds of songs composed by the community
* Supports importing Guitar Hero™ I and Guitar Hero™ II songs
* Multiplatform; runs on Windows™, Linux®, Mac OS X™ and FreeBSD®
* Open source, full Python source code available

* 128 MB of RAM
* A fairly fast OpenGL graphics card with decent drivers
* Windows:Direct X compatible sound card
* Linux:SDL compatible sound card; SDL library installed
* Mac OS X: Intel processor

Download : http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor

Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

The latest release of Audacity is 1.3.7 (Beta). Because it is a work in progress and does not yet come with complete documentation or translations into foreign languages, it is recommended for more advanced users.

Homepage : http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
Download : http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/

Monday, June 1, 2009


Simply explore your Sony Ericsson phone !

Connect your phone via cable, bluetooth or infrared and you'll be surprised how easy and efficient you can manage your phone with this compact software. Since it's first appearance MyPhoneExplorer evolved into the most popular freeware tool for SE-phones and is constantly extended by new features.

  • Adressbook - with direct sync to Outlook, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, GMail, Lotus Notes and Tobit David
  • Organizer with calendarview and direct sync to Outlook, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Windows calendar(Vista), Rainlendar, Lotus Notes, Google, Tobit David and net shared calendars (WebDAV, FTP, local)
  • SMS - archive, export, import, excessive messages,...
  • Filebrowser with cachesystem to minimize datatransfer, automatic photosync...
  • Set phoneclock based on atomtime
  • and much more. f.e.: calllists, edit profiles, control phone, memorystatus, phonemonitor,...

MyPhoneExplorer is basicly compatible with all Phones from SonyEricsson except P800i, P900i and P910i. Besides this there exists a few Low-Cost-Phones (f.e. T200i) which does not have a PC-Interface. If you are using a Symbian-Phone from SE please note: Its needed to install the PC-Suite first and the connection with MyPhoneExplorer is only possible throught USB-Cable.

Download MyPhoneExplorer for free!

Dead Pixel Tester 2.50

Dead Pixel Tester is a software that allows you to check screen pixels on your LCD/TFT monitor.

There's only a slim chance that all of these will be perfect; more likely, some will be stuck on (creating a "bright" defect) or off (resulting in a "dark" defect). DPT was written to help me check my own screens by cycling through the three primary colours used (red,green,blue) and all on (white) and all off (black).

Simply select a colour then closely inspect your monitor in each of the primary colours checking for pixels that are not operating as expected. Stuck pixels (always on) are easier to noticed then pixels that are not on due to their size (normally under .5mm).

Download Dead Pixel Tester here !

DoISO - Free ISO Maker

DoISO is a simple GPL'd, free ISO creation frontend for mkisofs, the ultimate ISO creating utility. One day I wanted to make a DVD-sized ISO but found that my previously trusty ISO utilities would only go to CD size. mkisofs was the only utility available, and it required reading the manual every time I wanted to make a quick ISO, so in reality there was no such thing as making a quick ISO :(. I decided enough was enough, I had to have a reliable GUI for making any size ISO that I wanted, so I went back to some old commandline wrapping code I had used in another project (Mike Mayer's process launch code) and simply wrapped mkisofs.

DoISO was born, and I was happy because I could make quick, easy ISO's :).

And now, as a new important addition to DoISO's features I've added burning support for CD's and DVD's via the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools. All this is available with explorer integration!

Download DoISO for free..!

FLVPlayer4Free Free FLV Player

FlvPlayer4Free is a greatly improved solution that allows even the most demanding users to easily play their favourite FLV files in the hard disk or from internet. It does not require the Flash authoring tool and it offers attractive and useful functions as:

-Drag & Drop: drag your FLV file and drop it into FLVPlayer4free main window
-Save frame as image (JPG, PNG, BMP)
-Playlist Editor
-Multi language: easily create/turn into your language
-Full Screen for a wider image
-Fully Resizable window
-Always on top to keep an eye on it anytime
-Handy volume commands and mute option
-Remember last settings
-Auto hide control and mouse cursor on full screen
-FLV Association
-Useful autoplay and autorepeat
-Practical Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast forward and Seeking bar buttons
-Elapsed and total time always displayed to keep them under control
-Multi instance which allows you to run muliple FLV files at the same time
-FLV information always available

Download FLVPlayer4Free here !

SoftPerfect File Recovery – Restore deleted files from NTFS and FAT drives

SoftPerfect File Recovery is a free and useful tool to restore accidentally deleted files from hard and floppy disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media. It supports the popular file systems such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 with compression and encryption. If your important files disappeared and you can’t find them in the recycle bin, try this software product and get the files back to life. Easy to use, no installation is required.

Download SoftPerfect File Recovery for free here !

FireFTP - Free FTP Client for Mozilla Firefox

FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.

* It's free!
* Cross-platform: Works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
* Secure: SSL/TLS/SFTP support, same encryption used with online banking and shopping
* Synchronization: Keep directories in sync while navigating
* Directory Comparison: Compare directory content (compares subdirectories too!)
* International: Available in over 20 languages
* Character Set Support: UTF8 and just about any other character encoding supported
* Automatic reconnect and resuming of tranfers
* Search/Filtering
* Integrity Checks of transfers (XMD5, XSHA1)
* Export/Import accounts
* Remote Editing
* File Hashing: Generate hashes of files (MD5, various SHA's)
* Drag & Drop
* File Compression: Using MODE Z
* Timestamp Synchronization
* Proxy support
* FXP support
* Advanced properties (CHMOD, recursive CHMOD, thumbnails)
* Tutorials and help files available for support
* IPv6 support
* Open Source!
* Seamless integration with Mozilla Firefox
* ...did we mention it's free? :-)

Download FireFTP Add-On for free here !

Swiftfox, a faster Firefox

Swiftfox is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox. Swiftfox has builds for both AMD and Intel processors and is based on the most cutting edge Firefox source code available.

Help is available in the Swiftfox Forum. If you have questions or are having difficulty with any aspect of using Swiftfox please leave a post on the forum and I or one of the forum members will provide assistance.

There is now an installer available that is distro independent. It is a script that downloads and installs Swiftfox in the /opt directory and attempts to use existing Firefox plugins. The installer is probably the best way for most users to install Swiftfox. If your distro is Debian based you will want to install using the deb files as the apt repository will provide automatic updating. More info is available at the deb file page.

Existing Firefox plugins should work with no additional configuration if you use the installer or deb file. If you install using the tarball or your plugins are not working you will want to make sure plugins are located in the directory ~/.mozilla/plugins or swiftfox/plugins. If you need any help please visit the Swiftfox Forum.

Download page Swiftfox


Ever needed to see what's going on on the screen down to the pixel level? That's where the Magnifier comes in. Simple and easy to use, the Magnifier is always handy for when you need to see all the details.

Version 2.4 Magnifier has the following features:

* Totally 100% Free!
* No popup adverts or spyware, it really is free
* Perfect for visually impared or those with partial sight
* Easy to use with any other program
* Resizable magnification area
* Auto-hide window edges allowing increased magnification area
* Stay on top and Smooth display options
* Choose to follow mouse or magnify as you move
* Adjustable zoom factor, and NEW mouse wheel control
* Overlay grid for quick alignment
* Image capture with 10 second delay

Magnifier runs on Windows systems: 98/NT/2000/Me/XP.

Download Magnifier for free here !


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